PnJ Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. was incorporated for the specialist need of liaising between the private and public sectors for FDI promotion in to infrastructure development, industrial development projects in Sri Lanka.

PnJ Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. is backed by partnerships with leading technology providers and engineering companies to deliver business to business solutions on a value for money basis in the sectors of

Power and Energy
Housing and Real Estate Development
Marina & Vacation Sector development
On or Offshore Bunkering and Ocean Vessel Servicing

PnJ Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. is partnered with Sepa (Pvt) Ltd and Dockyard General Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd (a subsidiary of Colombo Dockyard PLC).

  “To be a Key Performer in the Project Development & Facilitation Sector of Sri Lanka”
To engage the private and public sector to work on infrastructure and industrial development projects in Sri Lanka, promoting reputable FDIs in to Sri Lanka
Promote desirable employment opportunity to all segments of the youth of Sri Lanka
Bring equal development opportunity to the rural sector of Sri Lanka
Conduct business under the highest standards of business conduct and optimization

To be a holding company of large-scale infrastructure and industrial development projects that;

Are within the top 50 revenue earners in Sri Lanka
Have a minimum ROI of above 24% in each case, with an average ROI of over 35%
Contribute towards the economic development of Sri Lanka
Contribute to provide good job opportunities for the rural youth of Sri Lanka